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New Business Formation Services in Indiana

Whether you’re starting your first business or fourth, working with a financial advisor on a business plan can help make the new business formation & registration process as seamless as possible. 

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Formation Specialists Indianapolis

Register your new business with accounting experts by your side.

If this is your first business you probably don’t know what you don’t know. The safe, smart decision is to work with an Indiana new business registration & accounting expert who can walk you through the process, ask the right questions, and ensure everything goes seamless and efficiently. Nothing feels better than the peace of mind knowing that you’ve started this new chapter the right way. You may also simply value the time savings of having parts of the process done for you!

Financial Advisor for a Business Plan

Ensure you set up your business structure in the most beneficial way for your success.

The experts at Pattar CPA posses intricate knowledge of what legal and tax entities are the most beneficial for different types of businesses. This is just one of many examples that can have massive financial benefits for your business. We can also provide expert advice on things like financial planning, bookkeeping, and payroll setup. 

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New Business Formation Services

Business formation services we offer.

Creating a Business Plan

We’ll help you create your business plan. If you already have one, we can review and offer recommendations if we find any potential for improvement. A well-constructed business plan is the first major step to ensure long-term business success. 

Filing New Business Registration

There are multiple different types of designations you can assign when registering your new business. We’ve helped many clients through this process so we can be a resource for you ensuring you complete & submit all the important documentation in the most appropriate way. 

New Business Financial Planning

Having an accounting expert with experience planning & managing business finances will be crucial in getting you off on the right start. We can help with the initial basic structure, how to handle investors, revenue & cost forecasting, and answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Tax & Payroll Setup

If your new business will have staff immediately, you’ll need to already have a payroll system in place. There are a lot of moving pieces there and when it comes to paying your employees, that is not something you want to get wrong early on – or ever. Every business will have to file taxes so knowing what to expect there will prevent surprises come tax season. 

Moving your Business

Businesses move now more than they ever have before in a digitally connected society. Whether you’ve moved states, or moved your office, you may need to update your business registration information and working with a formation specialist will ensure no critical steps are missed. 

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Frequently Asked Business Formation Questions

If you’re already registered but are still looking for assistance with your new business, there are a few places we could still help. We can review the information you submit just to be sure you filed everything correctly and also consult on things like financial planning, setting up accounting software, and getting payroll in place so you can grow your team!

In some cases, you don’t need to register at all. If you conduct business as yourself using your legal name, you won’t need to register anywhere. But remember, if you don’t register your business, you could miss out on personal liability protection, legal benefits, and tax benefits.

In many cases though when starting a new business in Indiana, you’ll need to register with the Indiana Department of Revenue. 

It’s important to ensure your legal entity and tax entity are chosen with the most appropriate designation. It’s also important to note that sometimes those aren’t the same. This single decision can have major legal and tax ramifications so have an in-depth conversation with a certified accountant and determine what’s the right one for your business.

We may recommend creating a partnership plan. Have a business partner or co-founder in your new venture can be a great advantage but also a potential vulnerability. Not every business partnership is a perfect 50/50 split and by going through in detailed what the partnership will entail can help ensure operations and potential disputes are resolved quickly.